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TechProLink LLC is a New Jersey-based company dedicated to making shopping online for consumer electronics as easy as possible.

TechProLink operates four different websites:, DigitalCamera-HQ/,, and

Laptop Advisor

Laptop Advisor is presenting information to consumers in a way that truly helps them understand, and isn't entirely devoted to complicated, confusing minutiae that few people care about.

This website is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regards to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that the author is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or professional services.

Some articles on the site should make things easier to navigate during your laptop search.

The information on this website is the view of the author(s) and his/their interpretation of events.

Digital Advisor

Digital Advisor provides unbiased LCD TV reviews, advice, and prices.

All reviewed TVs are organized by size, type, price, and manufacturer.

Guides and articles on the site designed to help consumers to organize their knowledge and get new "vision from the side" on the current HDTV market and its trends.

Digital Camera HQ

Digital Camera HQ helps shoppers compare digital camera reviews, find the right camera, and buy from top-rated online retailers. Digital Camera HQ features over 80 cameras from all the top manufacturers, including Canon, Sony, Kodak, Olympus, Fuji, Minolta, Nikon, and Pentax.

The cameras are organized by price, resolution, size, and functionality, guaranteeing that everyone, no matter what their budget or need, can find the perfect digital camera at Digital Camera HQ.

With prices dropping rapidly and features that were once reserved for professional photographers now widely available, there is a remarkable surge of interest in digital cameras. In 2003, digital camera sales outpaced film camera sales for the first time, and many major camera manufacturers are now concentrating their efforts in the digital space.

Among the exciting new products to look for are extended-zoom cameras, which offer 8x optical zoom and above, making them ideal for outdoor settings with distant subjects. Ultra-compact cameras, some of which are barely bigger than a credit card, are also very popular, particularly among shoppers looking for a camera for social events and travel.

Serious photographers will be happy to hear that digital SLR technology is now available for under $1,000! The Canon Digital Rebel, released in the fall of 2003, was the first digital SLR to break this price barrier, and offers the flexibility of detachable lenses and full manual controls for a price that will tempt many amateur photographers.

Camcorder HQ

TechProLink LLC also runs Camcorder HQ which helps camcorder shoppers find the right camcorder and the best deals. Like Digital Camera HQ, Camcorder HQ offers professional and owner reviews, prices, and advice, all organized to make finding and buying the right camcorder as easy as possible. Camcorder HQ features camcorders ranging from simple home-movie machines to semi-professional three-chip models.

For movie makers with an up-to-date home computer, digital camcorders can open up a whole new world of possibilities. By connecting a camcorder to their computer, amateur videographers can download and edit their work, and copy footage onto CD or DVD for easy sharing. Most digital camcorders also come with a memory card that can record short videos for email distribution.

Camcorder HQ's most popular camcorders include the Sony TRV-19, the Sony TRV-22, the Sony TRV-38, the Panasonic PV-DV953, and the Canon Elura 50.

Visit Camcorder HQ to find the perfect camcorder at a great price.

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