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  1. Sony HDR-MV1

    2013 Camcorder Gift Guide

    Nov 07, 2013
    Camcorders make great gifts, perfect for capturing memories, sharing videos online and even taking still pictures. But with so many options out there, what ones are the best for the people on your list? We've rounded up some of the best camcorders out there in several different categories to help take the stress out of holiday shopping. Looking for something not on this list? Leave us a message below, we are happy to help. Read More »
  2. Sony HDR-CX290

    Best Low Light Camcorders

    Jul 30, 2013
    Most camcorders can easily capture good footage on a sunny day. But the real questions is, can the camcorder perform well in low light? Like at a concert, a football game under the lights, or simply indoors? Cameras that perform well in low light will have large sensors, a small f-stop and a fast processor. Here are our favorite picks for the top performing low light camcorders at a few different budget levels. Read More »
  3. JVC GZ-VX815BUS- HD Everio

    Best Wi-Fi Enabled Camcorders

    Jul 25, 2013
    Wi-fi adds more than just a single feature to a camcorder. With wireless, camcorders can upload to the web, operate remotely or even double as home security systems. But a wi-fi enabled camcorder shouldn't bulk up the features yet slack on the video quality. Here are a few of our favorite camcorders with wi-fi. Read More »
  4. Canon VIXIA HF R42

    Best Canon Camcorders

    Nov 23, 2013
    Canon has a quality line-up with a wide range of products ideal for the casual family shots to the advanced videos. Read More »
  5. JVC GZ-EX555BUS - HD Everio

    Best JVC Camcorders

    Mar 25, 2013
    JVC has a wide selection of camcorders from the basic to the advanced. Here are a few of our favorites. Read More »
  1. Mar 22, 2013
    Panasonic Camcorders Roundup
    A look into Panasonic's top models for the 2013 line, from wearable to professional. Read More »
  2. Mar 22, 2013
    Sony Camcorders Roundup
    A long-time giant in the camera and camcorder industry, Sony continues to impress with their latest line of camcorders. From basic to the... Read More »
  3. Mar 22, 2013
    Sony Camcorders 2013
    A long-time giant in the camera and camcorder industry, Sony continues to impress with their latest line of camcorders. From basic to the... Read More »
  4. Feb 20, 2013
    Best Camcorders
    After reviewing the user feedback, internet reviews, and doing our own extensive tests on many of the models, this is our list for the be... Read More »
  5. Aug 02, 2011
    Best Camcorders for Concerts
    It's tough to shoot a good video of a concert. The lights are low, the music is very loud, and often the only good shooting angle is abov... Read More »
  6. Jun 15, 2011
    Best Camcorders for the Outdoors
    Summer is about to hit full swing. The great outdoors demand a worthwhile camcorder, so take a look at the models below. They can withsta... Read More »
  7. Mar 11, 2011
    Samsung Camcorder Roundup
    Samsung offers a number of camcorders with forward-thinking designs, impressive zooms and creative interfaces. They aren't as well-spec'd... Read More »
  8. Mar 04, 2011
    JVC Camcorders Roundup
    JVC's lineup ditches standard-def fare for an array of long-zooming HD cams and some high-end 3D shooters. Read More »
  9. Feb 24, 2011
    Canon Camcorder Roundup
    Canon's recently refreshed lineup stretches from affordable standard-def cams up to very capable high-def shooters. Read More »
  10. Feb 18, 2011
    Panasonic Camcorders Roundup 2011
    Panasonic refreshed their entire line-up for 2011, from affordable shoot-and-shares to semi-pro 3MOS models. Read More »
  11. Feb 14, 2011
    Sony Camcorders 2011
    Arguably the most popular camcorder manufacturer going, Sony has another mammoth-sized video camera lineup for 2010. We're here to help y... Read More »
  12. Sep 13, 2010
    Best High-End Consumer Camcorders / Camcorder HQ Buyer's Guide
    Are you looking for a camcorder to match your Rolex? Is no price too high for performance? Then you'll probably find what you're looking ... Read More »
  13. Sep 07, 2010
    Best Affordable HD Camcorders
    HD camcorders are no longer a luxury item. Anyone can take home a solid video camera for under $500. They’re ready to roll as soon as the... Read More »
  14. Aug 13, 2010
    Unique Pocket Camcorders / Camcorder HQ Holiday Buyer's Guide
    Want to buy your loved one a cool camcorder for a reasonable price this holiday season? These left-of-center pocket camcorders offer a bi... Read More »
  15. Jul 21, 2010
    Top Camcorders Under $200
    The fierce battle between camcorder manufacturers is continuing to heat up, meaning lower prices for us lucky consumers. The cameras belo... Read More »
  16. Jul 07, 2010
    Best Camcorders for Shooting Sports / Camcorder HQ Buyer's Guide
    So your kid's an ace on the field and you want to capture the domination while it happens so you can show it off to everyone you know. Or... Read More »
  17. Apr 20, 2010
    Canon 2010 Vixia Roundup
    Canon's bread and butter is digital still cameras. But lenses are lenses, and this heavyweight makes some pretty solid commercial camcord... Read More »
  18. Mar 15, 2010
    A Guide To Sony's New Handycams
    Sony released a lucky 13 new camcorders for 2010. They almost always make a solid camcorder, but sometimes the products are barely distin... Read More »
  19. Feb 22, 2010
    Best Pocket Camcorders / Camcorder HQ Buyer's Guide
    Things have changed since Pure Digital first unleashed the original Flip Video pocket camcorder in 2007. The Flip is now dead, for starte... Read More »
  20. Dec 23, 2009
    A Quick Guide To Panasonic's TM Series
    Panasonic makes a mighty fine HD camcorder. The TM series in particular has earned high praise from Camcorder HQ and several other camcor... Read More »
  21. Oct 26, 2009
    Best Camcorders For New Parents / Camcorder HQ Buyer's Guide
    When you have a new baby you don't want to miss a thing. Every bounce and giggle is a screen-worthy moment so you want a camcorder that w... Read More »
  22. Oct 15, 2009
    Best Budget Camcorders / Camcorder HQ's Buyer's Guide
    Now that pretty much every kind of gadget is a capable camcorder -- mobile phones, tablets, even digital still cameras -- the appeal of l... Read More »
  23. Jul 30, 2009
    Great New Pocket Camcorders
    These affordable, portable, Web-friendly pocket camcorders are strong competition for the popular Flip Video camcorder, and in some cases... Read More »
  24. Jul 13, 2009
    Best 1080p High-Definition Camcorders
    If money is no object, you're going to be looking for the absolute top-of-the-line high-definition camcorders. These are high-quality, se... Read More »
  25. Jun 26, 2009
    Affordable 1080p HD Camcorders
    You don't have to decide between a low-cost low-quality "HD" camcorder and a high-end, ludicrously expensive HD camcorder. There are mid-... Read More »
  26. Jun 01, 2009
    Summer Camcorder Deals!
    If you're looking for an affordable digital camcorder that will make a good sidekick on your summer vacation, we've got what you need. Th... Read More »
  27. Mar 16, 2009
    Top DVD Camcorders
    With all the hubbub about new forms of recording media like hard disk drives, flash drives, and memory cards, some consumers might be loo... Read More »
  28. Feb 18, 2009
    2009's New High-Definition Camcorders!
    These high-definition camcorders from Sony, Panasonic, and Canon are set to debut in the next few months. They're packed with outstanding... Read More »
  29. Dec 30, 2008
    Great Deals on Tapeless Camcorders
    These camcorders are affordable, perform well, and record directly to a media card. Free yourself from videotape forever with these great... Read More »
  30. Dec 15, 2008
    Compact HD Camcorders
    The Pure Digital Flip Mino HD, Kodak Zi6, and Creative Labs Vado HD are all bringing HD video recording to consumers in pocket-sized pack... Read More »
  31. Nov 06, 2008
    Three Great, Affordable Camcorders
    Times are tough, and it seems like camcorders are more complicated and expensive than ever before. Don't worry; affordable, capable camco... Read More »
  32. Sep 29, 2008
    Camcorder HQ's Camcorder Gift Guide
    We've put together a roundup of our favorite camcorders from 2008. There's something for everybody, from web-video producers to budget sh... Read More »
  33. Jun 18, 2008
    Best Camcorders for the Web
    As video-sharing websites such as YouTube continue to gain popularity, camcorder manufacturers are vying to produce the next hot direct-t... Read More »
  34. May 29, 2008
    Tapes, Cards, Disks: Which is Right For You?
    With a variety of recording formats and complicated specifications, buying a camcorder can be confusing. We here at Camcorder HQ want to... Read More »
  35. Sep 18, 2007
    Holiday Gift Guide - Best Camcorders of 2007
    Take a look at what's new in camcorders and see our picks for the best of 2007.This may have been the most exciting year in camcorders si... Read More »