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Panasonic X900MK
Panasonic X900MK
Panasonic X900MK

Panasonic X900MK

We've given the X900MK a grade of B+.
This product is ranked
15th of 17 in Advanced
21st of 28 in Flash Memory Camcorders
10th of 14 in Panasonic
46th of 72 in High Definition

Editor's Review

The HC-X900M camcorder, which can record 1920 x 1080, 60 progressive, and builds on the success of last year’s HDC-HS900 by adding the new 3MOS System Pro to help achieve dramatic increases in performance thanks to a re-engineering of all the core imaging components: the lens, sensor and engine. Panasonic’s 3MOS System Pro is a next-generation imaging system that powers the HC-X900M to produce bright, outstanding video even under dim lighting, while also minimizing noise. Plus, with professional-like features such as a manual ring, a 5.1-channel surround sound, an advanced Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S) system called Hybrid O.I.S. +, the HC-X900M is a feature-rich camcorder with endless capabilities. For those looking to start exploring the third dimension in video, the HC-X900M can also shoot full-HD 3D (in the AVCHD 3D format) with the new optional conversion 3D lens, the VW-CLT2, which is smaller than last year's model (VW-CLT1) and has an increased brightness from F3.2 to F2.0. In addition, the new VW-CLT2 has 1.5x digital zooming.


  • 3MOS System Pro
  • Leica Dicomar Lens
  • Full 3D HD
  • Part Number: HC-X900MK/HC-X900M
  • UPC: 885170070073
  • Release Date: Jan 09, 2011

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