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Sony Handycam HDR-TD10
Sony Handycam HDR-TD10
Sony Handycam HDR-TD10

Sony Handycam HDR-TD10

We've given the TD10 a grade of B+.

Editor's Review

We were tired of the 3D schtick by the end of CES, but the Sony TD10 made a lasting impression. This 1080p shooter would likely be Sony's flagship camcorder as a 2D model, but it just so happens to shoot in the third dimension. Unlike other 3D camcorders (excluding Sony's own Bloggie FS3 and JVC's TD1), which use a 3D conversion lens, the TD10 is a self-contained 3D camcorder with two lenses and two sensors -- it's essentially two camcorders in one body, working side-by-side. It's expensive, but based on our early look, it seems like the best 3D-filming solution yet.


  • 1080p HD video
  • 3D capable
  • 2 Exmor R CMOS sensor
  • 10x optical zoom
  • Double Sony G lenses
  • 3.5-inch auto-stereoscopic 3D touch LCD
  • World's first "double full HD" 3D consumer camcorder
  • Compatible with 3D-capable HDTVs
  • Captures to Memory Stick/SD/SDHC/64GB built-in flash memory
  • Release Date: Apr 15, 2011

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