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Best Camcorders for Concerts

Last updated on 07/30/2013

It's tough to shoot a good video of a concert. The lights are low, the music is very loud, and often the only good shooting angle is above your head -- that's not to mention all the other goofballs in the crowd making life harder. But there are camcorders (and digital cameras) out there that are better suited for capturing live music, and we've rounded up a few of them here.

Sony HDR-PJ380/B
from $524.99
[Read our full Sony HDR-PJ380/B Review] With exceptional low light shooting, good sound capture and a solid optical image stabilization system, the Sony PJ380 may just be your new best concert friend. The PJ380 adjusts to lighting changes quickly, so that awesome solo guitar riff won't be blown out by the spotlight. The optical image stabilization will help keep the footage steady even if you find it hard not to move with the music (or get bumped in the crowd). And of course, sound. The sound capture on the PJ380 is true to life. The playback, which can be done on a built-in projector, is also nice and loud.
Sony HDR-CX290
Budget friendly quality
If you can't swing the cash for the PJ380 (or would rather spend it on concert tickets), then the CX290 is a similar, but more budget friendly model. The optical image stabilization and zoom isn't as good, but the low light performance is similar. The footage will be a bit shakier, but still a huge upgrade over those shots from your cell phone. Plus, the compact size is nice for going places.
Panasonic HC-X920
from $999.00
[Read our full Panasonic HC-X920 Review] The HC-X920's low light performance makes it an excellent concert companion, but there are a few features, like an astounding wind noise reduction system, that makes it nice for outdoor venues too. The X920 also picks up sound quite well, detecting even smaller noises likes birds chirping in the background. Sometimes sounds closer to the camcorder were a bit louder than the main sound, but that shouldn't be an issue while the music is blasting.