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Best Camcorders for Shooting Sports / Camcorder HQ Buyer's Guide

Last updated on 03/13/2013

So your kid's an ace on the field and you want to capture the domination while it happens so you can show it off to everyone you know. Or maybe you're a pro-sports fanatic (or shopping for one) and would love nothing more than capturing that regional MMA fight in gory, high-definition detail. In either case, one of the following models will definitely suit both your budget and the hankering for video to last a lifetime.

Canon's R42 boasts smooth action capture with up to 35 Mbps. This model's 53x zoom will let you get up close to the excitement, plus the new image sensor lets in more light for better indoor and night sports shots. Optical image stabilization helps keep the footage steady. Game headed into overtime? There's no worries with the 32 GB built in hard drive that can hold up to 12 hours of video.
The EX555 sits at a mid-range price point but includes several features, including some perks for the sports enthusiast. The 24 Mbps speed plus a 65x dynamic zoom make this one a decent choice for sports. Optical image stabilization, 16 GB of internal memory and wi-fi are also pluses. If you plan on shooting entire games, beware, however, of the limited battery life.
For the serious sports shooter willing to spend a little more, the AC90 is a great option. Variable shooting speeds allows you to choose the best setting for action, plus manual settings give the user plenty of control over the final product. The zoom is a bit less at 25x, but there are two memory card slots to make sure you don't miss a moment (or to back up your footage) and optical image stabilization for better hand-held shooting.